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Choking Poster Spanish:
Choking Poster Spanish
Item #: WR1120
This Spanish eye-catching, laminated, 18” x 24” poster provides your employees immediate access to the most current choking techniques.
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Product Details
  • The CPR and Choking Posters illustrate techniques that can shave seconds off a life-sustaining procedure, and provide critical information in an emergency. Post them today and help prevent tragic accidents; and maybe even save lives!
  • CPR and Choking Posters updated - includes the latest American Heart Association recommendations released on 10/18/2010.
  • Indicate that chest compressions should come first, followed by clearing the airway and mouth-to-mouth breathing
  • Revise how fast and how hard rescuers should push on the breastbone during compressions
  • 18" x 24" posters
  • Spanish